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Travel - Puerto Vallarta Villas, Mexico

Travelling is critical to my well being! I can’t imagine my life without travel.

There is nothing like a Girlfriends' Get Away!!  Our dear friends, Sandra Ragan and Roz Morgan invited a total of nine of us to Puerto Vallarta in October 2014 to share in their time share properties!  I am not a lover of very hot weather (and it was extremely hot during our seven days there), but rather than ducking and dodging the hot Mexican sun, I embraced it.

I would get on the beach at 6:00 a.m., stretch out on my lawn chair and read. I even fell asleep under that sun, and I grew to love it, mainly because I could relax and wind down from a busy life in Chicago. I got the best massage in my life, I swam, and I even participated in a water aerobics class (I was so sore the next day).

We did a city tour of Puerto Vallarta, and saw the city's beautiful parish -- Our Lady of Guadalupe. We even took a trip to the set of The Terminator, and it was there at the restaurant adjoined to the set that I had some of the best seafood EVER! 



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