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Christina Green, Claims Adjuster

Plan for France Travel

I am so thankful for Robin!   Here I am ready to take a stab at international travel and already anxiety-ridden, not knowing where to start.   Robin is professional, resourceful and friendly.  Once I found her on a travel site, she immediately became a friend and we spent nearly an hour talking about the ins and outs of my trip plan.   I can say now that I am ready to go and can approach my trip with more ease and ability to ask the right questions to see to my needs.   I look forward to having future talks and shares with Robin as an expert and as a new friend!

~ Christina Green, Claims Adjuster (9/30/15)


Recently, I enjoyed a wonderful “dining experience” with “This I do for me”. The restaurant, Francesa’s in Little Italy was a great choice. The setting and service was outstanding. I took Robin’s recommendations for drinks and dinner. The light, fruity sangria was refreshing on a late summer evening. The pasta with shrimp and scallops was superb. The best part of the evening was great conversation. I look forward to another memorable Chicago dining experience with “This I do for me” !

~ Marcia (9/29/15)

Irment Jean Austin, Doctor of Ministry Candidate
I could not be more grateful to Robin for the amazing travel destination.  The trip was a chance to reflect and connect with other single women and to share our personal spiritual journeys.  Each day we let God be our guide.  This is what we learned: women unite in sisterhood no matter where we live.  God is present as we seek God’s will and purpose for our lives.  The women were gracious and rich with the Holy Spirit of love and kindness.  I will continue to keep them in prayers.  I learned so much about myself and how much I need to continue to grow in God’s love.  Once again thank you, This I Do for Me.

~ Irment Jean Austin, Doctor of Ministry Candidate (5/10/15)
Betty Robinson, Social Psychologist MBA, University of Chicago

Robin TIllotson's Impact Upon My Travel Experiences and Lifestyle

Robin’s broad based travelling experiences has influenced my personal beliefs, attitudes and values. By sharing her travelling experiences with me re: visits to the various countries in the Mediterranean and China, she shaped my thoughts and actions. For the first time, I realized by including travelling experiences as a lifestyle, it provided me a means for paying attention to the way you live.

The good travelling news is/was: you can change the way you live by having a broader lifestyle. Because of Robin’s influence I have traveled repeatedly to European and Central American countries. These travels have given me invaluable experiences and interactions with others that have shape my appreciation of different lifestyles, more importantly, paying more attention to a healthier lifestyle. This has improved upon the quality of life for me and my family.

~ Betty Robinson, Social Psychologist MBA, University of Chicago  (5/10/15)

David D. Robertson

I have the privilege to be mentored by Robin Tillotson, founder of TIDFM.  As a bachelor, millennial, avid traveler and art connoisseur: her wisdom, knowledge and resources have helped me tremendously become a more effective, proactive, financially savvy traveler. From enjoying the music venues of my own city to planning a “Guys” trip to Europe. TIDFM’s platform is geared towards women 50+ however the resources and tools available are for those who have a hunger to become Global Citizens.

~ David D. Robertson, CEO of HOPE IS (5/12/15)

P.A. Cohen

For the last few years, I've been participating in cultural and social events with and/or suggested by Ms. Robin Tillotson. We've dined in four or five new restaurants this past year as well as visited several cultural situations and live entertainment venues. Although I'm retired, I frequently become too involved in the 'routine' and forget to schedule FUN activities. The recommendations we've received from Robin have been spot on. We'll continue to utilize 'This I do For Me' website, which keeps us connected to the heart of the city!

~ P.A. Cohen - Retired (5/21/15)

Patricia Edmond

Robin is more than just a travel enthusiast but an explorer of all things new!  I have enjoyed sharing dining experiences at a local favorite restaurant to a small quaint bistro of fantastic food that will have your palette dancing for days! She always seeks to find a new experience and walk away with new knowledge be it a trip around the world, a symphony in a small town or see a fusion arts events. There is no limit to the information and experience you will have with if you are looking for a night out on the town, a potpourri of exotic cuisines, impromptu jazz set or just collective minds gathering...Robin will find it!!!
5 stars!!!!

~ Patricia Edmons (11/26/15)

Anne Marie Davidson, Marketing Director

The Ballerina ' Tale Movie Screening

Expertly organized.  Seamless logistics.   Excellent venue and a group of knowledgeable sisters.  Thank you for making me and my date welcomed. Date night with a Ballerina...not typical male fare but we are still talking about the movie.  Very inspiring.   Looking forward to next event.  

~ Anne Marie Davidson (11/18/15)

Mary Ann Winters

"Last evening, I had the pleasure of watching an extraordinary documentary entitled "A Ballerina's Tale" at The Gene Siskel Film Center with a group organized by This...I...Do...For...Me.  The documentary is the story of Misty Copeland, the first African American woman to become a Principal Dancer in the 75 year old history of The American Ballet Theatre. I so enjoyed meeting the new people in the group and look forward to the next outing."

~ Mary Ann Winters (12/1/15)

Judy Pishkur, Retired Teacher Gary Community School Corp.

"Satchmo" & dinner at La Petite Folie - February 7, 2016

Such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. The play was amazing. I was blown away at the performance of this one actor! After the show we went out for dinner. The restaurant, " la petite folie", was just lovely. The food was delicious and we had an absolute ball. Robin sure knows how to put together a field trip! Oh, I just had a flash back to trips taken with my students!  I am looking forward to the next event.

~ July Pishkur (2/8/16)

Twanda Gates. Registered Nurse

Satchmo at the Waldorf

Thanks Robin for selecting this event.  We all thoroughly enjoyed this play, shopping, and dinner experience with a diverse group of women. Satchmo at the Waldorf is an intriguing one-man show that presents an interesting and historical mid-life biography of the late, great, Louis Armstrong.

~ Twanda Gates (2/17/16)

Missy La Broi-Hicks, Teacher, Gary Community School Corporation

Satchmo at the Waldorf. At the Court Theatre

I had an absolutely wonderful time.  I had forgotten to get the details about what I was going to see but having traveled with Robin before, I knew I would not be disappointed.  I was not ! The one man show was mesmerizing.   Barry Shabaka Henley traveled through Louis Armstrong's life introducing us to a variety of characters.  Each was distinct and totally believeable.  All I can say is WOW.  I got a better understanding of some of the challenges that Louis Armstrong faced in his day and how he shaped modern music. It held my attention for the full 90 minutes.  After the show we had dinner at la petite folie.  The meal was delightful.  I highly recommend going on any excursion planned by Robin.

~ Missy La Broi-Hicks (2/7/16)

Tour of Portraits of Motherhood Art Exhibit

It was a pleasure to give Robin and her TIDFM client a tour of my newest exhibit Portraits of Motherhood--sharing techniques and personal anecdotes.  Robin Tillotson has been a real resource and a consistent, constant source of encouragement. From my first exhibits until now, Robin has proved to be an enlightened, staunch supporter of my artistry and that of other artists. Her many travels give her a perspective of life not easily seen. Thank you Robin for taking us with you on your journey.

~ Antonia Ruppert (4/18/16)


Antonia Ruppert, O/O Antonia Ruppert Fine Art

Tour of Portraits of Motherhood Art Exhibit

It was a pleasure to give Robin and her TIDFM client a tour of my newest exhibit Portraits of Motherhood--sharing techniques and personal anecdotes.  Robin Tillotson has been a real resource and a consistent, constant source of encouragement. From my first exhibits until now, Robin has proved to be an enlightened, staunch supporter of my artistry and that of other artists. Her many travels give her a perspective of life not easily seen. Thank you Robin for taking us with you on your journey.

~ Antonia Ruppert (4/18/16)

Ms. Sabrina, Retired


OK people, just take a moment and reflect on what your normal weekend looks like. Now imagine stepping out of that box and into the most fantastic fun adults could have with friends and some people they've just met. I FLY Chicago, provided us with an adventure we can look back on and smile. I am so glad Robin Tillotson thought enough to combine her many groups of friends for this unexpected fun event. We not only had a great time, laughed and cheered each other on. We were introduced and found a connection with others we may have never known. This event has opened doors to explore! I can't wait for our next adventure.

~ Ms. Sabrina (5/23/16)

JoAnn McKelphin

iFLY Outing with TIDFM

I went to IFLY and had a wonderful time. It was the best fun I have had in many years. Hanging out with Robin and the other ladies was a blast! I have gone other places with Robin and had a good time. She is truly great person and a nice friend.

~ JoAnn McKelphin (5/27/16)


Melody Waller

iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Thank you Robin for organizing an exhilarating and fun afternoon at IFly Lincoln Park. I enjoyed meeting the group of brave and courageous ladies and trying a new adventure. We all went from nervous expressions to feeling accomplished and powerful! We did it! One of the best lessons that I learned that day came from the instructions we were all given prior to flight: Pay attention, relax, and lean into the wind. It was, and is, a beautiful metaphor for life. I admire the mission of This I Do For Me and am looking  forward to future activities!

~ Melody Waller (5/25/16)

Bridgette Roberts, Administrative Assistant, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Inspired to participate in future events ...

From her first trip to Australia, to dining in Spain, to learning Gaelic in Ireland, to helicoptering high above her home town of Chicago, Robin and TIDFM prove that travel opportunities are accessible and that women, in particular, should take the opportunity to embrace exploration.

I've witnessed what began as Robin's solo travels expand to TIDFM, which shares the experience of travel with others. The rave reviews are impressive enough but the smiles of Robin and those who travel with TIDFM are truly inspiring.

I look forward to the opportunity to join Robin and her adventureres in the very near future.

~ Bridgette Roberts (9/18/16)

Darlene Pokorny, Retired Educator

I have not been able to attend an event but I have enjoyed reading about each one.  Robin has succeeded in bringing women together in a empowering and supportive manner. She is an amazingly positive person who makes everyone around her better at what they do. We worked together many years ago and what she taught me then is with me still.

~ Darlene Pokorny (11/4/16)

Sheri Brazley, Mother's Club Catering

Sur la Table Mediterranean Cooking Class

I attended the cooking class at Sur la Table and had a fabulous time! So many great cooking secrets and tips!  

A three course meal prepared in a group setting is a wonderful outing. They also have a Top Notch store next door that has everything culinary!

~ Sheri Brazley (2/7/17)

Betty Lyles, Retired

Cooking class at  Sur La Table

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon doing something I wanted to do for years and Robin made it happen.  Our group of six ladies joined seven other  students for a cooking class at Sur La Table on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The class was a hands on experience led by a great chef.  We learned  new cooking techniques and proper ways of using utensils, had fun and laughter working  together preparing a delicious Mediterranean meal and enjoyed eating the meal at the end of the session.  We ended  the afternoon browsing and shopping  in cooking store. A great start  to the year learning new and interesting things.  Looking forward  to joining  Robin and other enthusiastic people for future activities.  Until the next event...  Robin, keep those ideas coming!!!!!!!!

~ Bettie Lyles (2/7/17)

Linda Darling, Semi-retired Administrator

The Bodyguard the Musical

I was really excited to see this play because of my love for Whitney Houston and her music.  I was not disappointed. The singing was phenomenal and the acting was good.  l took my best friend for her birthday, she said she had an awesome time. I want to thank Robin for inviting me, everyone was so nice and welcoming.  I can't wait till the next event!

~ Linda Darling (2/6/17)

Marilyn D. Willis, President, Marilyn D. Willis Winning Through Awareness

The Bodyguard Musical - Oriental Theatre

It was an absolute joy to see one of my favorite movies, as a musical. From the initial, BOOM! of the opening curtain to the spectacular finale, I was entertained. The role of Whitney Houston was played by Jasmin Richardson who clearly knows her craft and Whitney Houston's style. During several songs that Jasmin sang, I closed my eyes and was taken back to the movie scenes from 1992.

Thank you Robin for always seeking great excursions. The Bodyguard Musical was truly a "This I Do for Me" opportunity!

~ Marilyn D. Willis (2/7/17)

Regina Hawkins, Retired, Executive Administrator City Colleges of Chicago

The Good Food Conference March 18, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this conference. There were over 100 vendors that allowed you to sample their food, fruit ,tea and juices.  Everything was organic and quite tasty.  I learned so much about healthy eating.  One of my favorites was the chicken sausage which can be purchased at Mariano's at 39th Cottage. There was also a wonderful seminar on how to fry buttermilk fried chicken. I received seeds to plant flowers and vegetables.  This conference was a must see and had it not been for Robin I would have missed it.  I will definitely be back next year.  I have already tried some of the recipes.

~ Regina Hawkins (3/29/17)

Jessica Brown, Teacher

First International Solo Trip

Robin was SOOO helpful in guiding me during my first international trip! She helped me from finding a flight, searching for the best accommodations, and even creating an itinerary! My first trip was a success because of her guidance, thank you Robin! I'm definitely looking forward to more trips with Robin!

~ Jessica Brown (05/01/17)

Charla Draper, Owner, It's Food Biz!, Blog: ChowChow & Soul

Wine & Food Event May 18, 2017

I had the pleasure of squeezing into the Private Wine Tasting Robin created with the ebullient Brian Duncan. Duncan’s philosophy and approach to the world of wine is seamless---wine is for everyone! Duncan’s wine pairing with a selection of seafood appetizers from Chicago’s EddieV’s showcased the wines and culinary skill of the restaurant.

I’ve attended several wine events in the past and this tasting was educational and extremely enjoyable. A very relaxed atmosphere encouraging everyone to participate without the reluctance of “I don’t know enough to contribute,” that can be an undercurrent at wine events. I am looking forward to future tastings and TIDFM events and activities.

~ Charla Draper (06/12/17)


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