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Travel - France

(Click photos below to see full photo album from each city in France)

What can I say about this wonderful country?  Is it the numerous outdoor cafes, the patisseries, the boulangeries or the great wine?  Is it the numerous small French towns with its cobblestone streets and quaint boutiques?  Is it the myriad historic sites in small towns like St Paul de Vence and bigger cities like Paris, Marseille and Lyon?  No, it's the rhythm of the places that let you know that France is full of life, passion and excitement.

These photos are from 11 cities/towns in France!  Where did we go?  Paris, Lyon, St. Tropez, St. Paul de Vence, Nice, Monaco, Saint-Maximin-la- Baume, Avignon, Arles, Aix and Cannes. Whew!

Aix   Arles
Avignon   Beaune
Lyon   Nice, Monaco & Monte Carlo
Paris   St. Paul de Vence
St. Tropez    

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